Here it is for “ two key diatonic” G/D

g   0

a   0

b   -5

c   0

c#  -7

d   0

e   -2

f#   -5

Note that, technically, a two-key diatonic is a contradiction in terms, but is conventionally used in autoharp circles for a string schedule with 8 different notes and chords that can be made from them. Some people have lock bars which can be engaged to block out the one note outside of a one-key diatonic scale, aka do-re-mi, etc. , so it can be played in an open-noting style. Same goes for the three-key diatonic. The OS factory standard "chromatic" autoharp really is only good for 4-5 keys, although some have modified their instruments to accommodate more keys. Of course, those would tend to favor a straight-up equally tempered approach to the tuning.